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About The Jaxon Files

  Welcome to The Jaxon Files, an educational platform designed for your success or strive for knowledge. Our goal is to ensure your learning and basic foundation of standard courses, such as literature and science by building upon your current knowledge and expanding it to levels that you have only ever dreamed of reaching. Put yourself in our hands, and we will take you on a journey of intellectual ingenuity to broaden your horizons, open up new opportunities, and develop future skills that might be useful in a working environment.

  Our resources and databanks are only of the highest quality—there will never be any extraneous information that deters from the meaning of the lesson. The Jaxon Files provides excellent lesson plans that consist only of correct, proper, and developed data. If you have any questions regarding our teachings or mannerisms, please contact us at any time.

When School Just Isn't Enough